Monday, November 9, 2009

On my Amazon wishlist...

I stumbled across this today and just had to share! It's called Images of Lust: Sexual Carvings on Medieval Churches and it is fabulous! Almost the entire book is available to read on the link above through Google books, and is well worth it! Face it. With the rainy November weather we all need a good laugh, right?

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  1. Hi Anya,
    I've popped across from my blog to say 'thanks'.

    I got the patterns for the pansies and the light rose from
    - have a look through the blog to find the instructions.

    The other thing I suggest is going on Facebook and looking up Di Van NieKirk's videos. She shows you how to made heaps of flowers there. And on her actual Facebook page there is a link to her "Stitches" page - she just put up instructions for a beautiful rose there, and there are already several in that list.

    Have fun!